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The Visual and Performing Arts programs at Marin Academy cultivate the imagination, creativity, passion, and aesthetic sensibility of each student, balancing theory and practice, process and product, structure and free exploration.

The Arts at Marin Academy operate under the following principles:

  • The love and joy of one’s art is key to learning.
  • We approach the student first as an emerging artist rather than as a scholar of the form.
  • Classes are experiential and lessons in theory and history are integrated into the “doing.”
  • Each discipline celebrates the contributions of a spectrum of cultures and world- views.
  • We create a learning environment that supports individual differences in learning styles and cultural backgrounds.
  • Artistic risk-taking is encouraged in a supportive environment.
  • Collaboration is fostered between the various disciplines, both within the arts and with other departments.
  • The arts become a hub wherein the humanities and sciences can be explored in an expressive and experiential mode, giving students a space to make interdisciplinary connections between their artistic and scholarly endeavors.

Our Facilities
The Visual Arts Center includes: a ceramics studio with kilns and potters’ wheels, a drawing and painting studio, and a photography studio that features a fully equipped traditional darkroom as well as a state-of-the-art digital workspace.

The Performing Arts Center is a professional-level, fully-equipped and complete, performance space for all performing arts events. It consists of a Main Stage Theater, a Black Box Theater,  practice rooms, a chamber music room, ensemble music room and scene shop. The Studio Building houses a state-of-the-art recording studio, and a beautiful dance studio, with a regulation sprung floor.

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  • Visual Arts: Ceramics, Draw/Paint, and Photography

    Visual Arts students explore the emotional and expressive qualities in art to access the imagination and broaden creativity. Emphasis is placed upon acquiring strong technical skills, expressing meaning through images and developing unique creative vision.
  • Performing Arts: Popular Music and Jazz

    The Music Program prepares students for ensemble performance, emphasizing skills such as listening, collaboration and creativity while balancing technical learning and hands-on experience. A progression of courses has evolved that allows students to develop their individual skills in a group setting: opportunities abound for singers and instrumentalists to work in small groups at their own level, and in a wide variety of music styles that they love—the result is that students invest themselves far beyond the requirements. "If we can get them to fall in love with music, everything else is easy."
  • Performing Arts: Chamber Music

    Advanced Chamber Ensemble is a course that focuses on building ensemble and performance skills. Intended for students who have demonstrated a high level of commitment to play a musical instrument, a wide variety of music is selected to provide technical and interpretive challenges. The groups formed within this class, ranging from duos, trios and quartets to a small chamber orchestra, perform regularly on and off campus.
  • Performing Arts: Theater

    The theater program offers both breadth and depth. Students are given a strong foundation in acting as well as an expansive overview of theater history. Students learn to collaborate as an ensemble, with a deep connection to each other and a sophisticated, shared vocabulary. The program focuses on the “liveness” of this live art form. The teaching emphasizes “being present,” and finding an authentic, spontaneous response.
  • Performing Arts: Dance

    The dance program emphasizes technique and the development of original choreography in a collaborative, supportive environment where students are free to experiment and find their voice. Instruction in technique, improvisation and composition ready the students for creating original work for annual concerts. Dancers take an idea from inception to fruition, supporting peers as leaders, problem solving, and working as a team. With two dance companies providing training at intermediate and advanced levels, and introductory semester courses there is a place for dancers of all levels.

Upcoming Events

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MAS (Music After School)

Click here for more information about MA's Music After School Program, a new initiative that expands our music program to a wider community of MA students and enhances our current offerings.

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