Festival of Learning

The Festival of Learning is a three day event dedicated to sharing and celebrating the creativity, hard work, in-depth exploration, and learning of our 2019/2020 school year.


Under the direction of Claire Calalo Berry during the spring semester, Marin Academy dance students worked either in partners or on their own to create short dance for the camera projects based on their current emotional and mental states related to sheltering in place. Exploring questions surrounding the “new normal,” the interpersonal dynamics of home, and how changes in our world have affected our thoughts and/or emotions, the dance filmmakers have translated free writing into movement. Working within the confines of shelter-in-place spaces, and with the limited resources available, these dancers have not only become choreographers, but are also acting as set and costume designers, music directors, and video editors.
Laura C. '20
Sophia H. '21
Benjamin S. '20
Tess E. '23 and Mia M. '23
Camilla R. '21
Clara S. '20
Ceci C. '23 and Addie C. H. '23
Sophia T. '20
Georgia H. C. '22 and Noah L. '22
Sarah B. '23 and Luna G. '23
Jazmin M. '21
Grace E. '23 and Quinn H. '23
Miya S. '20
Rylee B. '20
Neha M. '21
Charlotte H. '20
Nellie R. '22 and Frida S. '23



The Marin Academy Music program is geared toward live performances at the end of each semester. The Covid-19 pandemic decisively ended the possibility of a live concert, and we had to swiftly change course from music performance to music production. Each musician had to set up a home studio, learn the fundamentals of digital music production and remote collaboration, and produce a song.
Roots + World Band Production Showcase

Advanced Band Production Showcase

Senior Musician + Solo Producer Showcase
"Moonlight" — Sam H.
"Let Go" — Sam H.



The MA Theater 3/4 Company presents:


A new adaptation of the play by Will Eno, reconceived for Zoom
The Cast:
Eleanor B. '20 as John Dodge
Grace F. P. '21 as Hospital Attendant and Science Podcast Host
Bella G. '20 as The Mechanic
Lila P. '20 as The Host and The Landscaper
Ava S. '21 as Mrs. Mary Swanson
Xanthe S. '20 as The Cop
Kyle T. '20 as The Doctor
Sophie T. '21 as The Astronaut and The Tour Guide
Anna W. '20 as The Librarian
To learn more about the theater 3/4 performance of Middletown on Zoom, please contact Annie Elias.
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The Newcomer

MA student smiling in white lab coat

The Doctor

astronaut helmet

The Astronaut

MA student dresses as police officer

The Cop

MA student under sink using tools

The Handyman

MA student looking at camera with mask pulled down to neck

The Hospital Attendant

MA student with eyes closed

The Landscaper

MA student in glasses and smiling

The Librarian

MA student with open mouth

The Mechanic

MA student smiling

The Tour Guide

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Chris Detrick

Chris Detrick

Music Teacher
Annie Elias

Annie Elias

Performing Arts Department Chair, Theater Teacher
Randee Paufve

Randee Paufve

Dance Teacher
Angeline Saris

Angeline Saris

Music Teacher
David Sinaiko

David Sinaiko

Performing Arts Teacher