Marin Academy views dance as an expression of the individual and of culture, and considers all dance styles equally. The MA dance program trains and graduates dynamic, well-rounded, thinking dance artists whose work questions and reflects our world.

Two levels of MA Dance Company, as well as our Taiko course, provide training at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, ensuring a place for students of all levels and experience. In addition to faculty and guest choreography, the dance program emphasizes student choreography and student driven productions, including fall and spring dance assemblies, and an annual evening spring concert.

Marin Academy Dance Company (MADCO)

The MA Dance Company emphasizes training and working together as an ensemble, in a collaborative, supportive environment. Instruction in technique, improvisation, composition and performance techniques ready students for creating and performing original work for annual concerts.
MADCO I/II is the beginning/intermediate level of the dance company for dancers who may have a background in dance but are new to the study of composition and creation of their own choreography.
MADCO III/IV is designed for experienced dancers, providing technical training, performance experience, and choreographic exploration.
MADCO students cultivate a deeper awareness of dance technique as a tool for artistic expression by way of rigorous technical training, creative investigation, and by experimenting with different styles and modalities. By developing knowledge of current, historic and global dance styles and techniques, and through the practices of composition, improvisation and collaboration, students define their individual artistic voices and learn to work effectively within an ensemble.


This introductory course to taiko, Japanese drumming, offers a structured approach to this performing art. Taiko is a physically rigorous form that fuses rhythmic percussion with highly stylized movement, emphasizing physical precision, and ensemble work. Students learn a combination of traditional and modern repertoire, as well as compose and choreograph an original piece to be performed at the end of the semester. This course explores the multiple intercultural meanings and history of taiko and the cultural customs associated with the art form. This multidisciplinary course, combining percussion and movement, is great for students with an interest in either music or dance or both.
MA dance students performing
MA dance students performing
dancers posing in bright costumes
MA dance students performing
MA dance students performing
taiko drummer posing
MA dance students performing
Three dancers posing in tutus
dancer with two ribbons
students in dramatic pose
dancer flipping
dancer jumping
Dancers jumping in foreground
Two dancers posing
dancers holding up newspapers
dancers gathered under umbrella
dancer in pose
Randee Paufve

Randee Paufve

Dance Teacher
Galen Rogers

Galen Rogers

Performing Arts Teacher