Performing Arts

The performing arts department consists of three disciplines—music, dance, and theater. No matter which art you choose to study, all of the disciplines focus on the “liveness” of this live art form. The teaching emphasizes “being present,” and finding authentic, spontaneous expression.

dancers in sunglasses and flowered dresses
dancers in circle holding one dancer in the air
actor looking in mirror and using a make up brush
2 students playing guitar
girl singing into microphone and holding arms out
student playing taiko drums
3 students on stage and singing
student smiling and playing piano
dancer in air horizontally
2 people talking; one looking down and looking sad
dancers performing
students playing instruments on stage
actor in red, white, and blue setting at table and holding arm up
dancers in a line on stage
students playing guitar and singing into microphone
dancers gather together in huddle with arms out
woman standing on stage in dramatic pose
2 students playing guitar
actor on stage looking at another actor
David Sinaiko

David Sinaiko

Performing Arts Department Chair