MAS Course Descriptions

Private Lessons (one-on-one)

Take individual violin lessons to improve your skills and master your instrument. Musical repertory covers all periods from baroque to contemporary music. Add some scales and exercises for solidifying posture. Study left hand and bow technique. You’ll get a say in what to work on and determine your own pace to create a fun, friendly and challenging experience in the universe of the violin. Open to all levels.

These lessons offer a stress-free environment for anyone who wants to learn or improve their songwriting, jazz and pop theory, accompaniment skills, site reading, technique or expand their repertoire. Material ranges from basic studies, like scales and etudes, to Jazz standards and Pop songs. Regular practice between lessons is expected. Open to students with a range of experience from those new to piano to those with previous training.

Learn to explore your range and shape your sound through this vocal technique class. Students will learn the mechanics of singing: how sounds are produced and how to open the voice for greater expression. Students will learn about harmonizing, resonance, color, and breathing. In this fun and engaging class we will work on songs as a group that lend themselves to vocal exploration. Open to all levels.

Small Group Lessons (3-8 students)

Classes are in a small group format but each individual’s needs are assessed and met
over the course of the session.
Guitar Beginning
If you are just getting started with the guitar this is the class for you. We will cover guitar fundamentals like: open chords, basic scale shapes, improvisation and playing the blues. The instructor will be choosing some of the songs to work on, but you will have a chance to request your favorite songs too.
Guitar Intermediate/Advanced
This class will give you the tools to find your own playing style. We’ll cover the modes of the major scale, extended chords, right hand and rhythm guitar techniques, and reading music on the guitar.
Bass Guitar Beginning
The bass is the foundation of the band! This class will focus on the fundamentals that every bass guitarist should have: a variety of grooves/rhythm feels, scales, right-hand techniques (fingerstyle, slap bass, pick playing), analyzing and playing some songs of your choice, and “pocketing” with your drummer. Join us, learn to be a strong foundation for your band.
Bass Guitar Intermediate/Advanced
This class is designed for students who already have some proficiency on the electric bass. The class will focus on concepts such as: chord/scale relationships; advanced rhythm concepts in Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Latin music; to better understand a bassist’s function in the ensemble, we will play as a group and you will also get frequent opportunities to play duo with a drummer. Guided by your musical interests, we will choose songs and concepts as a group.
Let’s get grooving! This course will be built around the music you want to make and the skills you need to take your playing to the next level. All levels will receive technique and rudiment instruction in addition to developing new grooves and fills. You will construct your own warm-up routine, set practice goals, and listen to recordings for inspiration. I will help you get the sound you want, develop your “feel,” support a band, and improvise. Reading basic figures and charts is helpful but not essential. Open to all levels.

Do you hear musical concepts echoing in your mind but are unsure how to transform them into music you can perform?  This course is ideal for musicians at all levels who wish to delve into the art of songwriting and improvisation.  Together, we will collaborate with fellow musicians to bring your ideas from inception to a complete song.