Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dance will offer students a foundation in several different street styles (i.e., Breaking, Popping, House, Hiphop, Waacking, as well as other urban social dances). This class teaches its all-level community of students how to freestyle and perform choreography with confidence and compelling passion. Students will be given the opportunity to connect and experience the ethos and spirit of the dances that spurred the proliferation of this cultural practice and global phenomenon. Each class will include foundational footwork, strengthening, yoga stretches, and innovative choreography. Those who are interested in participating in the yearlong dance companies are strongly encouraged to experience Hip Hop as a preliminary course. This class will help new and experienced dancers gain confidence, musicality, rhythm, articulation, physicality, and technical abilities. Hip Hop training will help to broaden one’s scope of movement and understand the overlap and difference between modern dance and urban dance styles.

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