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BIPOC Mentorship Pilot Program

Black, Indigenous, and students of color matriculating at independent schools embark upon an adventure that can be joyful and confidence-building as well as stressful and unnerving. It is vitally important for their success that students feel support from all departments of their chosen institution. In its efforts toward this goal, Marin Academy is inaugurating an Alumni Mentorship effort with a pilot program aimed at current BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color) students. 

Details of the BIPOC Alumni Mentorship Pilot Program follow:

The purpose of this program is to promote and support a positive educational experience for Marin Academy’s students of color.

Program mentors are meant to offer three-pronged support as confidants, advocates, and sounding boards for issues relating to education and life experiences. It is hoped that meetings will be seen as a safe space for students to share their goals, explore their inner monologues and find moral support. 

The program participants will initially be comprised of all interested students of color and all interested incoming students of color.

The mentors will be comprised of interested alumni of color with a willingness to building lasting relationships with the students. 

Style and Format
The program will be structured, while mentor/student meetings will be informal. Both student and mentor participants will be expected to attend and log relevant meetings, but there will be no expectation placed on meeting outcomes. Conversation guides aimed at facilitating fruitful interactions will be provided in lieu of mandatory conversation points. 

As the pilot effort is being launched late in the school year, the goal will be to have one initial meeting prior to the end of the school year with a recommendation for a second meeting over the summer.

At this time, all meetings will be virtual and coordinated by the Director of Advancement.

Join the Program
To get involved as a mentee or as a mentor, contact Marin Academy’s Director of Advancement, Janiece Richard, at 415.482.3272 or jrichard@ma.org.

Potential Benefits

  • Current and incoming BIPOC students will have an extended support system providing additional avenues and resources if needed.
  • Current, incoming, and prospective BIPOC students will recognize an effort to anticipate and take account of their needs.
  • Students will have additional advocates if difficult situations arise.
  • The connections made in the program will help prepare our students for a successful future, navigate uncertainty, and leave a lasting impact on our campus community.
  • Mentors will have a chance to make an impact on a new generation of BIPOC students.
  • Mentors will gain mentorship experience that could aid in professional endeavors.
  • Mentors will become part of a network of BIPOC alumni that facilitates networking and collaboration.
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Coming in 2022! More info here