Student Work

MA's challenging and innovative academic program is based on experiential education designed for students to think deeply about issues. We empower students by putting them at the center of their education, requiring them to lean into exploring complex ideas and diverse perspectives and to make their own discoveries as they play an active role in their quest for meaning and purpose.

How does this look in action? Please enjoy browsing selections of MA's academic program through three lenses: first, a broad look at the MA curriculum including samples of courses and programs. Next, zoom into a selection of student projects to give you a taste of recent student work. Finally, check out some MA community fan favorite academic events. We hope these selections give you a taste for the academic program at Marin Academy. 

girl in headphones painting a 3-d structure

Academic Programs

teacher and students in semi circle wearing goggles

Classroom Discussion Excerpts

MA students holding guitars made in Minicourse

Independent and Group Projects

MA students counting pennies


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