MA's challenging and innovative academic program is based on experiential education designed for students to think deeply about issues. We empower students by putting them at the center of their education, requiring them to lean into exploring complex ideas and diverse perspectives and to make their own discoveries as they play an active role in their quest for meaning and purpose.

We are pioneers of competency-based, transdisciplinary education: a transformational and equitable way to learn and the direction that education is headed. Marin Academy is not only a school on the cutting edge of what’s best in education: it is a highly engaging and joyful place to learn. Our graduates stand out as passionate students who genuinely enjoy the process of learning and sharing what they know to make an impact beyond themselves.

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At MA, content knowledge is a vehicle by which students learn the key skills (we call them Competencies) that research tells us that students will need in their lives in college and beyond. The Competencies at MA are not simply values that sit on the classroom wall, unused—they are comprised of measurable and teachable skills used to scaffold learning and evaluate students’ successful practice of learning.

We expect students to use their knowledge. Transdisciplinary learning has three components: students address a relevant and complex issue that goes beyond disciplines, they make connections with people outside of MA to benefit from their expertise, perspective, or contextual understanding, and they create and share their work with an authentic audience beyond their classroom. Learning at MA is a real world experience for all students. Students who want to dive in even further can join our Transdisciplinary Leadership Program.

Learn more about our signature programs, including our ground-breaking Marin Academy Research Collaborative, in which students conduct novel scientific research with a professional scientist mentor, ultimately publishing in a scientific journal, our popular experiential Outings and Minicourse programs that have been a part of MA’s DNA since our founding, and more!

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