Learning Services

Marin Academy’s academic program is comprehensive in the breadth of its college preparatory offerings and challenging in the opportunities for depth it achieves in individual subject areas. While students receive support through our advising and academic counseling program, we recognize that all students learn differently and that those with diagnosed learning disabilities may need extra support and accommodations in order to have a fair opportunity to access our academic program. 
The main goal of learning services is to help students become strong self-advocates. Students who thoroughly understand their strengths and challenges and can articulate their needs are able to help their teachers understand how to best guide them. While we do not compromise MA graduation requirements, we offer appropriate and reasonable accommodations as recommended by a professional educational evaluator.
Accessing Learning Services 
Students with a professional learning evaluation who qualify to use accommodations at MA should share their formal report with our learning services staff: Rebecca Gustin ( or Lindsay Eckert ( This report should include the specific diagnosis, test and sub-test names and results, thorough documentation of the testing methods used, a list of suggested accommodations and the credentials of the evaluator, including license, certification and title. Rebecca and Lindsay will review the documentation and summarize the report in a one-page document (learning profile) to be shared confidentially with the student’s teachers at the beginning of each new course. Students will be asked to review and edit this summary before it is shared with teachers. Additionally, each identified student will meet periodically (at least twice annually) with Rebecca or Lindsay to review academic challenges, progress, goals and to modify their approach to academic endeavors.
Students who self-refer, or whom a teacher or a parent refers, will complete an initial screening. Rebecca and Lindsay will review this screening with an educational psychologist and, after consultation with the student, may recommend a professional evaluation. Recommendations for a qualified specialist can be made to families at that time.

Typical accommodations at MA might include extended time on assessments and/or use of technology (computer and/or calculator) in class and during exams. The accommodations we provide are those that are reasonable for MA to offer and are based on the professional evaluation in conjunction with consultation with the student and their family. Rebecca and Lindsay can also provide the names of tutors and specialists who can help LD students make greater progress in individual subjects; MA does not provide direct services in this regard.
Standardized Tests 
Students will also need to coordinate their application for accommodations on standardized tests (SAT, ACT, etc.) with Rebecca and Lindsay. Each year the learning services department will apply on behalf of diagnosed students for accommodation to the College Board; students needing accommodation sooner should contact Rebecca or Lindsay directly.

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