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Learning Services

We offer students with diagnosed learning differences a range of support and accommodations to ensure fair access to our rigorous academic program.

The main goal of learning services is to help students become strong self-advocates. Students who thoroughly understand their strengths and challenges and can articulate their needs are able to help their teachers understand how to best guide them. While we do not compromise MA graduation requirements, we offer appropriate and reasonable accommodations as recommended by a professional educational evaluator.
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Standardized Tests

Students will also need to coordinate their application for accommodations on standardized tests (SAT, ACT, etc.) with Rebecca and Lindsay. Each year the learning services department will apply on behalf of diagnosed students for accommodation to the College Board; students needing accommodation sooner should contact Rebecca or Lindsay directly.

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Voices of MA

"I often think about the many things I got from Marin Academy, including a love of nature, a passion for social justice, and an appreciation for beauty in literature and the arts. Wishing the best to all of you. Keep on pursuing your dreams!"

—Miles Kelly '18, Alumnus
Rebecca Gustin

Rebecca Gustin

Director of Learning Services
Lindsay Eckert

Lindsay Eckert

Associate Director of Learning Services
Moriah Buckley

Moriah Buckley

College Counseling and Learning Services Assistant, Spanish Teacher