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  • Credits

    A total of 21 credits are required for graduation; 19 of these credits are required courses or courses elected from among designated departmental offerings; the other two may be chosen from any area.
  • English

    Four years of English are required. English I, English II, and English III (freshman, sophomore and junior courses) are mandatory. Seniors are required to take two semester-long courses (one per semester) from the various electives offered each year by the English department.
  • History

    Three years of history are required, including Modern World History I, Modern World History II, and United States History.
  • Human Development

    Two semesters are required: fall semester of freshmen year and spring semester of sophomore year.
  • Mathematics

    Three years of mathematics are required. Four years are recommended.
  • Mind, Body, Brain

    One semester is required: spring semester of freshman year.
  • Physical Education

    To complete the physical education requirement, students must accumulate a minimum of three and a half (3.5) physical education "points" from the following options:
    • Participation on any interscholastic sports team earns two points per season.
    • Participation on four outings with athletic designation (as listed in the outings catalog) earns one point (.25 points per outing).
    • Participation on a Minicourse with athletic designation (as listed in the Minicourse catalog) earns a half point.
    • Completion and documentation of an approved independent study earns points based on number of hours completed. Points can only be earned in half-point increments (or 20 hours at a time). Students in MA student club sports (mountain biking, fencing, sailing) need to complete an Independent Study Proposal Form to receive credit for their hours.*
    • One year of dance earns two points.**
    Students can earn PE points through any combination of the above or by focusing on specific areas: you can earn all 3.5 points by playing in two seasons of an interscholastic sport, or by doing two seasons of an interscholastic sport and two semesters of Aikido, etc. After completing 3.5 PE points, students earn another one-quarter credit towards their graduation requirements.
    * You may earn one independent study PE point during one summer only during your time at MA. Summer activity must take place while a student is taking classes at Marin Academy. Download Independent Study Proposal Form.
    ** You must designate if you are taking dance to fulfill the art requirement or if it is being taken to earn PE points. It cannot fulfill both.
  • Science

    Three years of laboratory science are required: Biology, Chemistry, and a physics elective. Four years of science are recommended.
  • Visual & Performing Arts

    Two years of visual and/or performing arts are required.
  • World Languages

    Completion of three years of a single world language with at least two years of study at the high school level is required. In exceptional circumstances (and only with departmental permission), students may take two years of two different world languages.