Buying Books

We're launching our 2019–20 online bookstore, made possible through our textbook association with MBS Direct. As in past years, our online bookstore provides many purchasing conveniences:

  • A direct-to-student delivery model: students purchase books and materials online during the summer, and receive delivery at their home.
  • The online bookstore format allows 24/7 access to course materials: you can order books and materials when it's convenient for you.
  • Money-saving used books and e-books: MBS Direct's used book pricing saves you 25% off new retail prices. Many titles are also available in e-book format.
  • Convenient ordering options: families can also order books from the online bookstore or can place an order by phone (800-325-3252), fax (800-499-0143), or mail. The MBS Contact Center is open 7 days a week.
  • Multiple payment options: families can select from a variety of payment options including major credit or debit card, check, or student financial aid.
  • MBS Direct offers a 100% return policy: if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you have up to 30 days from the original purchase date or from the start date of classes, whichever is later, to return your books for a full refund.
  • MBS offers free UPS Ground shipping on all textbook orders of $99 or more from July 16 through July 22, 2019. MA financial aid does not cover shipping costs for books or other items, so please take advantage of the free shipping window.

It is critical that books are ordered early and that students have access to all of their books prior to the first day of school. The MBS bookstore will open on Tuesday, July 16; please review this resource to learn how to access your four- or seven-digit Student Account Number and learn more information about the program. Please remember, there is a short window of free shipping (July 16–22, 2019)  that we encourage families to utilize. If there is any possibility that one of your elective courses will change, please do not write your name or anything else in your books. Questions about using the MBS Direct website? Call MBS at (800) 325–3252, which is open seven days a week.

To find the student account number:

The student account number can be found on your most recent tuition invoice or by logging into MyMA. 

Parent login instructions: 
  • Log into MyMA. 
  • Click on your student’s profile at the top left corner under the MA logo
  • Then click “Contact Card” to find the 7-digit Student Account Number under “General Information”

Student login instructions: 
  • Log into MyMA
  • Click on the drop down arrow by your name in the very top right hand corner of the screen
  • Click “Profile”
  • Under “General Information” you will see your 7-digit Student Account Number

For students receiving financial assistance
For students receiving financial assistance, your financial aid package includes a voucher that can be applied to all required texts and materials available through MA's online bookstore. Vouchers give you a discount equal to the percentage you receive of financial aid. (For instance, if you receive 80% financial aid, your voucher will cover 80% of the cost of your textbooks.) Vouchers can only be used to purchase one copy of each required text, and calculators can be purchased during a student's first academic year (freshman or transfer). Vouchers cannot be used for duplicate texts or for additional calculators. Also, MA financial aid does not cover shipping costs for books or other items.  As such, there is no shipping cost discount for aid recipients. Because of this, we highly recommend ordering during the free shipping window (July 16–July 22). When you are on the Virtual Bookstore page, you will choose "Order Your Books." From there, you will choose "Student Financial Aid" as a means to purchase books and you will be asked for a voucher number. Please use the following format for entering your purchase voucher number: MA201920-your student account number (see above for how to find your student account number). For example, MA201920-1234567. 

If you are having difficulty purchasing your books, please contact Marilou Graham in the MA business office. 

Got an idea? Want to comment or provide feedback? We want to know your thoughts and experiences as we enter our fifth year of partnership with MBS. Send us your thoughts at