Teaching & Learning

An MA education is designed to prepare students to lead and thrive in a world where everything is connected and challenges are rarely solved alone or through a single discipline.

We provide a challenging academic program based on experiential education that focuses on the critical and creative thinking our students need to chart their course in the world. We encourage students to explore complex ideas and diverse perspectives, to test their values and judgments, to make their own discoveries, and to make mistakes. We focus our curriculum on problems, projects, and questions that, by design, spur students to think deeply about issues. And we empower students by putting them at the center of their education, requiring them to lean into creative thinking and problem solving as they play an active role in their quest for meaning and purpose.
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Graduation Requirements

A total of 23 credits are required for graduation; 19.5 of these credits are required courses or courses elected from among designated departmental offerings.

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