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Without question, there is something extraordinary about Marin Academy. We empower students by putting them at the center of their education, helping them develop the tools they need to chart their own course in the world.

Since its founding In 1971, Marin Academy has been a forward-looking school. We’ve been guided by a vision that education at its best incorporates experiential learning with intellectual rigor and global citizenship.
At MA, we like to say “everything is a question.” Why? Because we value thinking deeply about issues, and from multiple perspectives. Our curriculum goes beyond mastery of academic subjects. We offer students a wide variety of opportunities to apply learning to find their passions and to solve real-world challenges.
All good schools value critical thinking, as do we. Great schools, however, value imaginative curiosity and problem solving. We can’t know what lies ahead. By questioning and thinking deeply, critically, and creatively, our students learn how to embrace ambiguity. They see opportunity where others might see challenge. They find new angles to approach and tackle change.
We also know that joy enhances the learning experience and that students thrive in a supportive, compassionate, and inclusive environment that promotes open dialogue based on respect and trust. We ask each individual to recognize our shared responsibility to inspire and foster a purposefully diverse, generous, and inclusive community.
Think. Question. Create.
The multidimensional nature of MA’s educational approach and program creates an environment in which our students thrive as scholars, athletes, and artists. Students experience the value of working with others as they grow their appetite to pursue their own passions, questions, and paths.
As you navigate our website, you'll sample just some of what Marin Academy has to offer, but no pictures or words can come close to capturing the passionate, engaged, and joyful students and teachers who characterize our community. Whether you are familiar with or new to MA, I hope that you will get to know us better. Come visit us!
Travis Brownley
Head of School

Travis Brownley

Travis Brownley, Head of School, Marin Academy

Head of School