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Marin Academy

1600 Mission Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
Main Telephone: (415) 453–4550
Main Fax: (415) 453–8538 

General questions can be emailed to

If you have a specific request, please contact one of the individuals listed below.

Head of School: Travis Brownley 
Academic Dean: Harrison Shure
Academic Records: Harrison Shure
Admissions: Diane Boodrookas
Alumni Relations:
Athletics: Rob Rafeh
BlendEd: Noah Orgish
Bookstore, Tuition, and Incidental Accounts: Penny Micco
Building and Grounds and Facilities Use: Hayden Hicks
Business Matters: Mike Joyce
College Counseling: Lynn Schweber
Communications: Justine Clifford
Conference On Democracy: James Hughes
Counseling: Jamie Medina
Crossroads: Abby French
Dean of Students: Tyren Dandridge
Dean of Faculty: Stella Beale
Financial Aid: Leslie Rojas
Learning Services: Rebecca Gustin
Library: Derek Anderson
MARC (Marin Academy Research Collaborative): Amy Strauss 
Minicourse: Tyren Dandridge
Outings: Leslie Beach
Outreach and Diversity: Piya Kashyap
Parents' Association: Wendy Reichardt
Publications & Public Relations: Justine Clifford
Transdisciplinary Leadership Program: Betsy Muir and Richard Masland
Yearbook: Emily Willingham
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