Welcome Diverse Voices

What If I’m wrong about that?

Our society avoids difficult topics and difficult conversations—conversations that make people uncomfortable.
The Marin Academy community welcomes and encourages many voices. By nature, that means different interpretations based on different perspectives. Starting tough conversations isn’t always easy. But at MA, we offer safe spaces to express opinions, trade perspectives, and learn how to search, question, and stretch oneself to reach greater understanding.
Being in community with diverse voices and perspectives develops the attitudes and behaviors needed to interact effectively in today’s world. Because the conversations that make us uncomfortable are often the most important.

How do we do it?

The view from here

Perspective means everything: In a recent production, MA actors traded places with their peers at Richmond High School in the East Bay. Each student conducted interviews at the peer school. MA students portrayed 13 Richmond seniors who mused on their school, their city, life, love, money, family, happiness, and what the future holds. This student-to-student connection taught lessons about compassion that no classroom could ever accomplish.

Who am I?

Space to be yourself: MA students can start a new hobby, delve into a passion, or explore identity and cultural constructs through a variety of both typical and offbeat groups including the Ukulele Club, Jew Crew, and Random Acts of Kindness. MA also hosts special groups, such as Rethinking White and Folks (for those who identify as people of color), where members with a common identity can meet to talk about their experiences and concerns.

Start the conversation

The first step toward creating change: MA’s Race and Justice Teach-In week hosted voices from the justice system and the black community to discuss police brutality, protests, racial bias in the media, and stereotyping. MA then opened a school dialogue about racial justice in the United States, people’s feelings about current events, and what could be done to make a difference.