Why MA?

Think Critically + Creatively

What does it mean to be creative?

It’s time to break down false academic silos. At Marin Academy, we don’t see arts kids, or athletic kids, or academic kids, we see kids with amazing potential to explore and grow in all of these facets of life.
At MA, we celebrate the arts. It’s why we have such a strong reputation in visual art, music, and theater. But we also study the science of art and the art of science—recognizing that everything connects. We encourage creative expression in every endeavor, from advanced physics to history. We promote the arts as way to connect seemingly disparate subjects. We push ill-conceived boundaries to the side.
It takes creativity to re-approach and refine drafts, to solve problems, and to incorporate diverse viewpoints. Creative expression gives one an entirely new language with which to communicate.
Creativity is critical thinking.

How do we do it?