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Kai Barshack '16 and Gustav Spangberg '16

Q&A with Kai and Gustav

How did you come up with the idea?

"We had been researching senior project ideas and stumbled across a YouTube video that featured an event called BrickFair LEGO Expo in Virginia," said Kai. "We both love Legos and we both love drums, so it seemed like a fun idea. And to our knowledge only one other person in the world has built a drum set out of Legos, so we were excited to give it a shot."

How much time did it take to build the drums?

"We expected to work about six hours a day over the course of three weeks," said Gustav. "But we quickly realized it would take more time than that. The building process itself wasn't that difficult. But the drums didn't hold together very well, especially the base drum with its large mass, so there was a lot of innovation and rebuilding to be done. We changed the pattern several times before we reached a solution."

"We ended up having to utilize a floating system similar to what Pearl Drum uses, because a typical system was too weak," said Kai.

How many Legos did you use?

Over 6,000 Legos were used in the process. The Legos were rented for this purpose.

What about the sound?

"It actually sounds a lot better than you would expect," said Kai. "The sound is unique and interesting."