The Visual and Performing Arts programs at Marin Academy cultivate the imagination, creativity, passion, and aesthetic sensibility of each student, balancing theory and practice, process and product, structure and free exploration.

The Arts at Marin Academy operate under the following principles:

  • The love and joy of one’s art is key to learning.
  • We approach the student first as an emerging artist rather than as a scholar of the form.
  • Classes are experiential and lessons in theory and history are integrated into the “doing.”
  • Each discipline celebrates the contributions of a spectrum of cultures and world- views.
  • We create a learning environment that supports individual differences in learning styles and cultural backgrounds.
  • Artistic risk-taking is encouraged in a supportive environment.
  • Collaboration is fostered between the various disciplines, both within the arts and with other departments.
  • The arts become a hub wherein the humanities and sciences can be explored in an expressive and experiential mode, giving students a space to make interdisciplinary connections between their artistic and scholarly endeavors.

Performing Arts Tickets

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  • MADCO Spring Concert 2019

    The Marin Academy Dance Program presents the 2019 Spring Dance Concert. The Marin Academy Dance Company will present a program of dances choreographed by students, faculty and guest artists. The concert will also feature MA's Hip Hop class. 

Tickets are $8 general, $5 students/seniors. Seats are assigned for all performing arts events.

    Friday, 4/26 and Saturday, 4/27 at 6:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center

  • Advanced Bands + Foundations Concert Series

    Join us for the Advanced Bands and Foundations concerts. Thursday night, the Foundations students hit the MA stage for the first time. Saturday night is Senior Night, with all six advanced bands performing. Come watch these talented musicians perform music by Stevie Wonder, the Grateful Dead, Bill Withers, and many more. All of the material is selected, arranged, and reimagined entirely by MA Music students. Each night of the concert series has a different lineup of bands and is not to be missed. Click here for the lineup for each night.

    Thursday, 5/2, Friday, 5/3, and Saturday, 5/4 at 6:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center

    Thursday Evening Performance
    Friday Evening Performance
    Saturday Evening Performance

MAS (Music After School)

Click here for more information about MA's Music After School Program, a new initiative that expands our music program to a wider community of MA students and enhances our current offerings.

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  • Annie Elias 

    Performing Arts Department Chair
    (415) 482-3257
  • Anne Maurice 

    Visual Arts Department Chair
    (415) 482-3252