Everything is a question.
students smiling with arms around each other
What does my future hold?
boys standing in front of a car
What happens when I dig deeper?
girl in goggles using dropper to put something in beaker
How will I balance academics and everything else?
volleyball player jumping in the air to hit the ball
How will I know what I'm passionate about?
dancers in pose
What makes MA different?
red chairs on MA Redwood Deck
How can I connect to a world beyond campus?
MA students lying on surfboards
How can I challenge myself?
people running on hill
How can I express my creativity?
MA students playing saxophone, trumpet, guitar
How can I be a good global citizen?
MA students cleaning up outdoors

Why do we push educational boundaries?

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At Marin Academy, we believe that academic excellence should push the boundaries of both what and how to learn. An MA education empowers students to move beyond subject matter mastery to become creative, critical thinkers and compassionate global citizens.

Why MA

teacher in goggles holding up item for interested students

Every day, MA teachers and students work side-by-side to analyze, synthesize, and create new ways to understand our world.  We welcome and encourage many voices, because today’s complex issues are best solved from a variety of perspectives. 

Teaching & Learning

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Our unique approach to education values the whole child. We are not simply preparing students for a particular stage in life, but our education is for life. At MA, we help students cultivate the tools they need to live their lives fully.

Our Community

How does learning come to life?

Marin Academy Research Collaborative (MARC)

Marin Academy Research Collaborative

The Marin Academy Research Collaborative (MARC) program is specifically designed to engage a diverse group of students in cutting-edge science and engineering research that is characteristic of college-level courses.

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Transdisciplinary Leadership Program (TLP)

Transdisciplinary Leadership Program 

The Transdisciplinary Leadership Program (TLP) empowers students to make connections across and between disciplines to solve challenging dilemmas with no easy answers.

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Marin Academy's Outings program epitomizes experiential education.

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Conference on Democracy

Conference on Democracy

Started in 2003, each year the Conference on Democracy brings local, national, and global luminaries to share their professional perspectives and personal experiences with the MA community.

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What's happening at MA?