Dartanyan Brown

Music Teacher
(415) 482-3110
At MA since 2003
Dartanyan currently teaches Foundations of Music Performance, which is designed to prepare all MA students for success on stage by introducing the basics of chord construction, ear training, achieving a good sound, and many more skills important for a great musical performance. For the past five years, Dartanyan has taught a class called American Roots Music. This performance-based class brought students into a virtual workshop where they performed traditional music forms, with a special emphasis on the 1950s roots of Electronic music and early 70s 8-bit sound synthesis.
Born and raised in Iowa, Dartanyan received a BA from Drake University. Later, he was inducted into the Iowa Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame, the Iowa Jazz Hall of Fame, and the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame. Only one other musician shares the distinction. Among his many accomplishments is having toured with the Bill Chase Band. Before coming to MA, Dartanyan served as the Director of Technology at the Branson School and taught music at Brandeis Hillel Day School.
Since beginning his career as a teaching artist, Dartanyan remains passionate about creating an environment where students are encouraged and challenged to think for themselves, be responsible for their own learning, and contribute to communities that nourish them.
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